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Gerie has written over a dozen articles for and Software Test Professionals.  Below are a few recent samples.

App performance monitoring closes gap between testing and productionQA consultant Gerie Owen discusses the role of application performance monitoring in meeting user expectations once an app is in production.

Agile teamwork: When collaboration becomes groupthinkQuality assurance consultant Gerie Owen discusses how Agile teamwork can lead to groupthink if it's not tempered.

Software testing techniques: Overcoming biasesGerie Owen offers software testing techniques to overcome biases and boost code quality and answers the pressing "how did I miss that bug?" question.

Managing mergers: Test professional best practicesQA lead Gerie Owen offers firsthand advice for test professionals on managing mergers.

FAQ: Agile can thrive in an ALM framework.  Agile ALM brings together two seemingly contradictory development strategies. Agile promotes flexibility, rapid release cycles and quick response to...

Agile and ALM: A marriage made in heaven
Congratulations! You managed to convince senior management to try Agile. You've formed several pilot teams and successfully executed proof of concept projects.

STP Con Spring 2013 featured team leadership and communicationThe ability to influence others through leadership and communication is one of the most valuable skills test professionals at all levels can develop and improve. Whether you're an entry-level tester attempting to communicate your defects...

Software quality testing with no time, no money and no testersWhen senior managers finally make a commitment to improving software quality testing, they don't usually commit much in terms of time, money or such resources as trained testers. Typically, the approach is to start with a minimal financial and...

The Agile Team All in Agreement: Is it Collaboration Or Groupthink?  Close-knit teams may think they have agreement, but what they really have may be groupthink.

Me, Biased? Yes!  Testers approach all aspects of testing hampered by their own biases in what to look for, how to go about setting up and executing tests, and interpreting the results. These biases cause less than outstanding test performance and data interpretation in an environment where test teams expect results to be cut and dried. The data is good by itself, but what we measure, and what decisions we make on the data, are driven by our own understandings and misunderstandings of the project and the goals of testing.


Gerie has spoken at a number of software testing conferences.  In addition, she has spoken at several special interest groups, including the Software Quality Group of New England, and the Hartford Chapter of the International Institute of Business Analysts.

Star Canada
Targeting Quality
Belgium Testing Days
Nordic Testing Days
Better Software East

Gerie spoke at Belgium Testing Days in 2013 and 2014.


Gerie spoke at STPCon in 2013 and 2014.


Gerie spoke at TestKit in 2013 and 2014.


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